Madeline O’Donoghue provided massage therapy services to our sailing team during the America’s Cup
sailing series held in San Francisco in 2013. Madeline delivered these sevices at our sailing base twice
a week in 2-5 hr blocks. Madeline was always very reliable and went out of her way to fit us into her
weekly schedule.
All our sailors are experienced proffesionals who have received a large amount of sports massage
during their careers. Compare to other massuers, they all reported that Madeline delivered very
high calibre of sports massage. Madeline is a very positive and bubbly person and the sailors enjoyed
talking to her. She knew how to “be” around athletes who were under pressure, including ajusted her
converstion during the massages depending on if they did, or didn’t, want to talk.
The 2013 America’s Cup was sailed in 72ft long catermarans that “foiled” (flew) above the water.
The boats place incredible physical demands on the sailors as all the power to move the sails and
appendages has to be created through upperbody grinding. This grinding is alternated with sprinting
over a slippery trampoline moving at 50 miles per hour. Our sailing team was picked based primarily
on sailing experience, resulting in the average age being 41 years. It is a testement to the services of
Madeline and the rest of our medical/recovery staff, that over 3 months of racing not once were we
forced to “bench” a sailor due to injury or fatigue.
If our team were in the same location as Madeline in the future we would have absolutely no
hesitation in engaging her services.

David Slyfield
Head trainer
Emirates Team New Zealand