Remedial and Sports

Targeted trigger point and deep tissue work aimed to release muscle tension and flush out muscle metabolites to promote muscle recovery and minimise injury risk. Incorporation of resisted stretches to improve flexibility and promote muscle length and function. These techniques are ideal for professional athletes, as well as the more active among us.

Connective Tissue / Myofascial Release

Targeted release for soft tissue tension (myofacial tissue, organs, blood vessels, nerves) to promote profound shifts in chronic and deep-seated tension, pain and discomfort.  Connecting to the primary source of tension that may not be held within the muscular system, connective tissue release techniques promote postural shifts, long-term metabolic health and recovery from injury.

Traditional Swedish, Relaxing Massage

Typical, Western-styled massage approaches popular in spa settings and commonly offered throughout the United States and Australia.  Swedish massage uses hands, forearms and elbows to relax surface muscle tension and promote overall relaxation, stimulating circulation and nervous system while improving muscle tone.  Swedish massage techniques can be performed clothed or with oils and can be incorporated into any bodywork service from table through to social, seated work.


Subtle pressure applied directly to specific points in the body known to release tension and to balance the energy flow through the meridians.  A powerful and ancient approach, using the charted points of Acupuncture while replacing the use of needles with Jinshin finger pressure, this style supports fundamental shifts in body, mind and spirit.  Performed with client fully clothed, the benefits of Acupressure techniques are applied in all sessions from full table through to social, seated work.


Traditional Japanese meridian massage; combining stretches, pressure points, holds and firm muscle compression with deep breathing for an effective, all-body release.  Performed with the client fully clothed, Shiatsu techniques are utilized in table and targeted sessions, in isolation as a full body treatment, or in combination with Acupressure, Tui Na and/or Traditional Swedish and Remedial Massage/Connective Tissue Release .

Reijukido Reiki

A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating approach, going back to the esoteric roots of energetic traditions.  Reijukido is a unification of the range of Reiki styles that have transpired since this technique was developed in the late 1800’s from Master Usui in Japan.  Performed fully clothed, gentle hand positions are utilised to allow for the Universal energy flow to be brought to wherever it is needed.  Reijukido can be offered as a sole technique or incorporated into a mixed bodywork session.

Tui Na

Traditional Chinese bodywork approach that uses dynamic and rhythmic movement to push, stretch, knead and work the tension from the body.  Developed over 2,000 years ago, this style (also known as ‘anmo’) works directly with a client’s Qi and energy meridians to promote and improve overall health of body, mind and spirit.  Performed with client fully clothed, Tui Na techniques can be incorporated into table work and extended session settings.