• Private 1-1½ hour sessions employing Remedial, Connective Tissue Release, Acupressure and Shiatsu techniques. Ideal for supporting the recovery of chronic conditions and for total-body relaxation and rejuvenation.  A perfect gift or essential treat for yourself! – $105/hr, $140/90min
  • Targeted short sessions of 10-30 minutes.  Ideal for teams or groups. Supports ongoing injury recovery or pre-event preparation to provide your body with the boost required to perform at your peak.  Work is done on your chosen focus area, such as head, neck and shoulders, or legs and feet.  Aimed to increase range of body movement, minimise injury risk, maximise muscle recovery, and improve voice quality while reducing performance stress/nerves for artists. The perfect treat for your friends, staff or teammates.  Also great for small groups, parties and social settings. -$80/hr (+booking fee)
  • Courses and Classes.  Lecture style education sessions outlining key benefits of massage combined with practical tutorials to teach a range of self-massage or partnered techniques.  Aimed at providing the novice with enough information and skills to perform short, yet effective routines to promote relaxation, decrease stress and improve well being in the home or work-place.  Sign-up for an upcoming event or create your own with friends, family or co-workers. – price on negotiation