“Madeline brings a wealth of life experience to her massage. With a
background in Feldenkrais, elite rock climbing and Capoeria, Madeline
understands the importance of body awareness and physical well-being. As a
professional musician and competitive triathlete I fully appreciate the
benefits of a good massage from a top masseuse and Madeline has my highest
recommendation”  http://www.myspace.com/roryodonoghue

Rory O’Donoghue

Madeline’s hands are truly magic.  I have received massage from her over the last few years, and have been especially impressed with the new styles and techniques she has studied and integrated into her services.  On days before I perform or go to record in the studio, I seek her help to detoxify my body.  It is like pushing a reset button.  The next day I am energized and preform to my fullest potential. http://www.sucyn.com/truetheory.htm

True Theory

“I am a classically trained ballet and modern dancer. I have studied with Hubbard Street Dance Company in Chicago, and trained with Kristine Elliott and Diane Frank at Stanford University. I also enjoy hip-hop, contemporary jazz, swing and many other styles of dance.  Dancing for eight hours a day puts tremendous stress on your body. Massage is essential for staying loose and flexible, which is important in dance for harnessing the full capabilities of your muscles and tendons, while preventing injuries. I have had extensive massage therapy for various injuries from different people, and I have found Madeline O’Donoghue to be exceptional. She always knows which areas of my body are tight and need work. After her massages, I always walk away feeling loose, relaxed and refreshed. She is a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with.”

John Snyder