Madds has trained both in Sydney and San Francisco in a variety of techniques from Sports and Remedial through to Shiatsu and Myofascial Release. Specialising with groups and individuals, such as professional athletes/dancers/musicians, who rely on a sound and healthy body for consistent performance. Madds also offers a wealth of knowledge and support for everyone else who might simply be looking to feel a little better whatever way they can.

With a wide range of bodywork experience and techniques to draw on, Resonate Massage allows for a strongly intuitive approach to any session.  We believe your body is your instrument, and a healthy body supports your creativity and expression of self in any setting.  Whether you have a chronic or specific need or you are simply looking to maintain full function and vitality of self, regular bodywork creates a strong foundation of happy body, motivated mind and inspired spirit.  Let Resonate Massage be your partners in good health.

For individual work, the combination of physical techniques (both western and eastern) allow for a profound effect and lasting change in your direction towards integrated health.

For group or team work, mobile services can be negotiated to better fit into your training or rehearsal schedule.

Don’t believe that bodywork is limited to individual sessions! You can also get creative and use Resonate Massage with your next party, social gathering, work function, rehearsal or performance.  Targeted work and social seated massage at events/parties/venues uses intelligent design principles  to allow effective and directed massage that is suitable for delivery within any given environment to provide immediate relief as well as longer-lasting relaxation, while introducing a fun and interesting twist to your special event.

Resonate Massage offers tailored packages for you and your friends!

Call Madds on 0481 080 320  for more information.